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Nansha Marina Mixed Residential Development


Nansha Marina Mixed Residential Development
Nansha, Guangzhou, China


This project is close to an existing Marina club and contains a commercial waterfront building complex with shops and restaurants on the ground and first floor levels with serviced apartments above. A small boutique hotel is located in the waterfront complex adjacent to the Marina. Behind the waterfront building separated by a public space is residential development. The main principle of the development was to provide human scale ‘walkable’ environment, based on the ‘Urban Village’ principles. The scale of the buildings, the separation of car and pedestrian and the extensive landscape are the key elements. Project was completed in 2017.

该项目靠近一个现有的游艇会俱乐部,包含一个商业滨水建筑综合体,其中首层和二层为商铺,上部为酒店式公寓。滨水建筑综合体中有一家小型精品酒店,毗邻码头。滨水建筑后面是一个有公共空间隔开的住宅区。开发区的主要原则是遵循 “城市中的田园”理念基础上,提供人性化的“步行”环境。建筑的规模,汽车和行人的格局分离和有延展性的景观是关键因素。项目于2017竣工。

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