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Portfolio: 产品设计

Water Flow Meter 水流量计

Project: Water Flow Meter 水流量计 Precision Instrument design and manufacturing company G-Flow has commissioned us to develop a new casing for their water flow meter with remote reading capability. This product is needed for farming, water irrigation facilities and anywhere, where a flow of water inside

Patio Heater / Barbeque 室内设计——图片可供参阅

Project: Patio Heater / Barbeque 室内设计——图片可供参阅 设计作品: 露台烧烤 We have developed a prototype of a unique 'Flat pack' combination patio heater and barbeque. This product is made of pre rusted 'Corten' or stainless steel and comes in flat pack of small number and easily assembled components.

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