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Portfolio: 建筑

Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel<br>项目介绍

Project: 上海佘山世茂洲际酒店 Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel Songjiang, Shanghai, China Our flagship project for a unique resort hotel located in an abandoned quarry, a result of  an international competition in 2006, is now completed and officially opened in November 2018. It's concept expresses our design philosophy

Tai Hu Wind Sail Hotel and Apartments<br>银泰太湖风帆酒店

Project: Tai Hu Wind Sail Hotel and Apartments Huzhou, China 银泰太湖风帆酒店 130m tall lake front hotel and apartments for the Intercontinental Hotels Group inspired by the shape of the local fishing junk sails. Hotel will form a second landmark in the Huzhou city complementing the

Jia Bei Country Park Hotel and Apartments<br>嘉北郊野公园

Project: Jia Bei Country Park Hotel and Apartments JiaDing, Shanghai, China 嘉北郊野公园 A competition winning concept for 250 Bedroom Hotel and Apartments in a large country park adjacent to the Shanghai F1 Grand Prix circuit for Mariott Hotel group's Elements brand.  The challenge of the

Hengshan Road Hotel<br>上海衡山路酒店

Project: Hengshan Road Hotel Shanghai, China 上海衡山路酒店 Boutique hotel concept for a limited competition against top international architects – Mario Bota and Arata Izosaki. A difficult narrow site fronting the famous Hengshan Road necessitated using a system of internal courtyards, to achieve the brief. We

Dinshan Lake IDC Development<br>上海市电子口岸全国数据备份中心项目

Project: Dinshan Lake IDC Development Qingpu, Shanghai, China 上海市电子口岸全国数据备份中心项目 This 1st Phase of a waterfront mixed development consists of a state of the art Information data centre with offices, staff dormitories and club /leisure accommodation. The complete development also includes a hotel and additional office

Changsha Residential Showroom<br>湖南长沙住宅售楼处

Project: Changsha Residential Showroom Changsha, Hunan, China 湖南长沙住宅售楼处 Residential development sales centre and show room is in the shape of a transparent glass cube, interlocked with solid elements. The building also houses sales offices and meeting rooms with all associated facilities and the key to

Dongguan Resort Hotel<br>广东东莞度假区酒店

Project: Dongguan Resort Hotel Dongguan, Guangdong, China 广东东莞度假区酒店 Resort hotel development located on the shore of a lake in Dongguan, near Shenzhen. The concept aims to produce building that merges with its natural surroundings by incorporating landscape on the terraces  and connecting with the ground

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